Mann House Featured in Aegis For Remaining Chemical Free

Harford County’s Aegis Newspaper featured the Mann House in an article about our choice to remain a chemical-free household for addiction recovery.

Bel Air’s Mann House, a private, nonprofit recovery house for men who are alcoholics and drug addicts, has remained chemical-free for 38 years and plans to remain that way, even though the decision resulted in the loss of $90,000 in state funding.

Last year, the Maryland Drug and Alcohol Abuse Administration, through the Harford County Health Department, told the Mann House Board of Directors it would pull $90,000 in annual funding unless the house opened its doors to men who were on maintenance drugs, such as methadone and buprenorphine, which are used as part of drug addiction detoxification. “We’d receive funding for many years. Every year we sign a contract and there’s a condition of award,” Greg Haywood, director of the Mann House, said. Last year, the state introduced a new stipulation, which would require the Mann House to accept clients.

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