One benefit of beginning your personal journey in recovery at the Mann House is the understanding that after treatment, you are forever linked to a growing recovery community, other alumni, and an organization that has helped countless men just like you find refuge from alcohol and drugs and begin a new life. Our alumni find support and guidance in their recovery through their continued involvement with the Mann House.

We encourage all alumni to remain connected to the Mann House and help us realize our goal of being a permanent haven for those in need. As challenges arise be them financial or otherwise, the involvement of the alumni becomes more vital to the Mann House’s lasting presence. Alumni contributions aren’t necessarily confined to financial support, but rather your time, energy, and ideas.

Numerous alumni have helped over the years and for that, the entire Mann House community is thankful, but when you consider the impression that the Mann House has left on so many individuals and families in it’s nearly forty years of operation, we look forward to a future in which, even more alumni get involved.

A Threshold To Recovery